Survey of Good and Bad Experiences Working with Taxonomies

Kent State University is conducting a survey of knowledge science professionals and practitioners to create a research corpus of good and bad experiences in creating, implementing, managing and working with taxonomies. The study is being conducted by Dr. Denise A. D. Bedford, Goodyear Professor of Knowledge Management, and Justin Kollinger, Georgetown University.

The research corpus will serve as the foundation of a guidebook on the economics of taxonomies. The survey seeks to collect stories on both good and bad experiences associated with taxonomies. The survey asks four simple questions, including the type of taxonomy that is being referenced, a short description of the experience, the contributor’s sense of the type of outcome that was achieved (good, bad, neutral) and how what might have been done to alter that outcome. We each have opinions of what a “good behavior” and a “bad behavior” might be based on our experience. The survey does not impose definitions of “good” or “bad” but asks you to share experiences based on your characterization.

The survey supports on-going collections of experiences. Individuals may submit as many examples as they have experiences. We seek examples that are drawn either from personal experiences or from observed behaviors. All contributed stories must be anonymously submitted, and the story must not contain any personally or organizationally identifiable information. Before including any story in the research corpus, it will be semantically scanned for identifying information.

This research project has been launched as a KM World 2014 presentation.

Consent Form

If you would like to contribute your experiences, you may do so via the web interface to the survey. The survey is entirely anonymous and voluntary. You may terminate your participation at any time. No deception is involved, and the study involves no more than minimal risk to participants (i.e., the level of risk encountered in daily life).

Participation in the study typically takes 15 minutes and is strictly anonymous. The survey consists of four simple questions. No personally or organizationally identifiable information is being collected. And, we ask that you do not enter any information that might allow a researcher to identify individuals or organizations. All responses will be screen for identifying information prior to being included in the research corpus. All responses are treated as confidential, and in no case can responses from individual participants be identified. All data will be pooled and used for research in aggregate form only. Participants should be aware, however, that the experiment is not being run from a "secure" https server of the kind typically used to handle credit card transactions, so there is a small possibility that responses could be viewed by unauthorized third parties (e.g., computer hackers).

If participants have further questions about this study or their rights, or if they wish to lodge a complaint or concern, they may contact the principal investigator, Professor Denise Bedford at (301) 787-5257(301) 787-5257 ; or the Kent State University Institutional Review Board, at (330) 672-2704(330) 672-2704.

If you are 18 years of age or older, understand the statements above, and freely consent to participate in the study, click yes below to begin the experiment.

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