KMEF-webinar 2011-03-15

KMEF Webinars - Session-1: Dr. Annie Green - Tue 2011-03-15

  • Session Host: Dr. Denise Bedford (Goodyear Professor of Knowledge Management, College of Communication and Information, Kent State University)
  • Speaker: Dr. Annie Green (Assistant Professorial Lecturer, George Washington University; Principal, Institute of Knowledge and Innovation; Adjunct Faculty, Kent State University; Knowledge Management Practice Lead, Keane Federal Systems, Washington D.C.)
  • Presentation Title: "PLANT the Right Seeds to GROW a Harvest of Knowledge: Practices that worked and lessons learned from KM Initiatives that have added value to business operations and performance".


Knowledge Management Education Forum (KMEF)

  • KMEF Webinar Session-1

The Knowledge Management Education Forum (KMEF) is an on-going, annual dialog hosted by Kent State University and George Washington University. We invite and welcome your participation and collaboration in this endeavor to identify and grow consensus on the knowledge management body of knowledge, competencies, roles and curriculum.

The goal of the KM Education Forum is to create an environment in which this consensus can evolve. It aims to bring together the current and past thought leaders in the field of knowledge management to discuss their work, and to open the dialog where others can contribute. We envision the Forum as an ongoing, annual dialog that will mirror this emerging profession.

This is the first of a weekly series of free webinars supported by Kent State University from Tuesday, March 15, through Tuesday, April 26, 2011; invited speaker presentations and a moderated discussion.

These webinars will focus on four key questions:

  • Question 1: What strategic roles and responsibilities do Knowledge Professionals play in organizations today – across all sectors of the economy?
  • Question 2: What competencies do Knowledge Professionals need to lead knowledge organizations in the 21st century?
  • Question 3: What are the core and elective elements of a knowledge management curriculum for the 21st century?
  • Question 4: How can we support these competencies in professional training, at the certificate level, at the master’s and PhD. levels?

Please refer to other details on these webinars at: KMEF Webinars (home page for this webinar series.)

The author will discuss the lessons learned from KM initiatives and application of theory based solutions. She will discuss the evolution of the PLANT methodology and its relationship to knowledge management roles and responsibilities that are critical to its success. The path that she discusses demonstrates a need for competent KM professionals who are knowledgeable and trained in the discipline of KM.
About the Speaker
[ Dr. Annie Green ]

Dr. Annie Green is a Knowledge Strategist/Architect and has led several KM initiatives. She has a Doctor of Science (D.Sc.) from the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) at George Washington University and a Masters in Information Systems (M.S.I.S) from George Mason University. Annie has over twenty years of experience in Information Technology (IT) and 12 years of experience in Knowledge Management (KM) and Business Intelligence. She has delivered presentations at professional seminars, conferences and international academic conferences as well as served as a panelist for local and international discussions on education. She is the author of “Framework of Intangible Asset Valuation Areas: The Sources of Intangibles within an Organization”, the lead editor for “In Search of Knowledge Management: pursuing primary principles” and is currently in process of editing a third book “Sustaining Knowledge Management (KM): Making It Real – adapting for success in the knowledge-based economy". She is published in several journals, as well as a contributing chapter author and editor in other books. She is an Associate Professorial Lecturer at George Washington University and Adjunct Faculty at Kent State University, the Knowledge Valuation Portfolio Editor for Vine Journal and an Associate Fellow of the Institute of Knowledge and Innovation (IKI). Her research efforts are focused on the development of two methodologies: 1) PLANT (Plan, Layout, Actualize, Nourish, Transition) a performance based Knowledge Management methodology and 2) BRAIN (Business Reasoning, Analytics and Intelligence Network) an intangible asset valuation methodology and measurement tool.
Agenda & Proceedings
  • Session Format and Agenda:
    • this will be virtual session over a phone conference setting, augmented by in-session chat and shared computer screen support

  1. The session will start with a brief self-introduction of the attendees (~10 min.) [We will be skipping this if there are more than 20 participants.]
  2. Introduction of the invited speakers - session host: Denise Bedford (~5 min.)
  3. Presentation by our invited speakers - Annie Green (45~60 min.) - [ slides ]
  4. Q&A and Open discussion (~15 min.) (ref. process above) ... Kindly identify yourself before speaking.
Transcript of the online chat during the session

(for better clarity, the version below is a re-organized and lightly edited chat-transcript.) Participants are welcome to make light edits to their own contributions as they see fit.

-- begin of chat session --

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